RD Web Client (HTML5) – New Features In 1.0.11

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Version 1.0.11 of RD Web Client

On February 22nd Microsoft released version 1.0.11 of the RD Web Client (also known as the HTML5 client). Here are the features that were added to this version.

RD Gateway is no longer required

Previous versions of the RD Web Client required using RD Gateway in the deployment. For internet facing scenarios this makes sense. (We also advise to add RD Gateway to every deployment to add an additional layer of security.) But there are also times when RD Gateway is not needed, for example, if users are local to the deployment. This latest version of the HTML5 Client does not require RD Gateway. Below are a couple of screenshots that show this in action.

Note: This feature is only available for deployments based on a Windows Server 2019 RD Connection Broker and a Windows Server 2019 RD Session Host.

Extra Configuration

If you are working on an all-in-one deployment (all roles are located on the same server) then you do not have to do anything to make this work.  However, if you have your roles separated, or you have an highly available deployment you will need to

  1. Bind your SSL certificate to port 3392 on the RD Connection Broker(s) and the RD Session Hosts
  2. Change the listener to listen on port 3392 on Connection Broker(s) and the RD Session Hosts

This article outlines the steps in the section called: “Connecting to RD Broker without RD Gateway in Windows Server 2019”. Some other things to note:

  1. If you are load balancing RD Connection Broker servers to make that role highly available, you need to open port 3392 on the load balancer(s).
  2. Local users will need access to RD Connection Broker and RD Session Hosts over port 3392 so adjust your firewalls accordingly if needed.

Our Testing

In our testing we got inconsistent results. It worked in one environment and not in another. We are working with the Microsoft RDS Team now and will post as soon as we get resolution!


Feeds now sorted alphabetically

The user feed is now sorted alphabetically (RemoteApps first and full desktops second). This provides a more intuitive user experience.

No need for internet access

This was added in a previous release (version 1.0.7) but its worth a mention here. In previous versions, the installer could only be run directly from the RD Web Access server and it needed internet access during the installation. Now the installer files can be downloaded and copied to various RD Web Access servers; no internet connection required for setup. The RD Web Client can now also be used internally by clients that do not have direct internet access.

More Information

For more information on how to set up RD Web Client follow this link:

For more information on release information per RD Web Client Version, follow this link: