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Windows Virtual Desktop is Generally Available!

By September 30, 2019January 26th, 2021No Comments

Windows Virtual Desktop is Generally Available!

So it’s been an exciting trip from the time Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) was announced last year until now.  Today all the hard work of the Microsoft RDS team pays off. WVD is now generally available!

Here are some important datapoints:

  • Here is the big announcement
  • Listen to Scott Manchester talk about:
    • The production release of WVD
    • Using FSLogix technology to attach user profile data
    • AppAttach (in preview)
    • AV Redirect for Teams (in preview)
    • A new way to  lift-and-shift file shares into Azure easily
  • WVD uses Azure Traffic Manager to route incoming connections through the closest infrastructure available, improving latency.

Some other useful info to help you get started right way:


Lastly, Microsoft is very interested in your feedback and your requests regarding WVD.  Make your voice heard here!